If not now, when?

This is the question I asked myself in Spring, 2014. An opportunity had presented itself. I had finished my education, worked, bought an apartment and generally settled. But – now in my late twenties – I realized this might be my last logical chance to throw caution to the wind, give it all up and travel.  At this rate, in another couple of years I may have a partner, children and a permanent job.  This sounds wonderful, but not just yet. So, instead, I did something crazy. Actually, I did what I always wanted to do: I hit the road. But first, I saved my pennies and started my own business, which is dependent only upon an internet connection – not a location.

So let’s go!

On the last day of 2014 I stepped onto a one-way flight. After waving good-bye to Sweden – my home of the last seven years – I rang in the new year over Afghanistan. My travels began in Cambodia and have continued from there. In 2015 I spent the majority of my time in Asia, in 2016 I was largely in New Zealand, and so far 2017 has started in Canada but may migrate to sunnier skies in Central America soon. Two years in and the world is my home: I am comfortable in my life as a digital nomad.


I will always be a biologist at heart: I will always look under logs for slime molds and take photos of unidentified blobs to ID later. I look at my feet as I walk, searching for fossils and creepy crawlies, and sometimes fail to remember to look up and enjoy the view. Research and popular science are a big part of me, and through this blog I will have strong biology themes running alongside the travel component. I hope you learn something new, and your interest is sparked – the natural world is a beautiful place. Now, I’m off to go see it… and share some snippets with you.