Ten things I will miss from home when traveling

I have begun downsizing. I got rid of the half empty paint cans in the storage locker. I sold my netbook. The tank-tops I somehow still had from my junior high school days are no more. I’ve bid farewell to the muffin tins and my BPA water bottle that had overstayed its welcome anyhow. Wally and a mix drinkBut there is a lot left, and some of it I know I will miss more than the moth-bitten sweaters and my garden rake. These are the belongings that are the hardest to leave behind, and that I suspect I will actually long for while on the road:

  1. Wally. My Norwegian forest cat will be, without a doubt, the hardest thing to be away from.
  2. Waffle iron.  Nothing says comfort and home like lazy Sunday morning waffles with Swedish strawberries and Canadian maple syrup.
  3. Gumboots. I own two pairs, and that – quite frankly – just isn’t enough sometimes. They’re good for blueberry & mushroom hunting, field courses in Ecuador, mussels in Brussels and even as bridesmaids’ attire… there are very few places my La pavoni Wellies haven’t joined me.  But alas – it is time for the storage unit.
  4. The coffee machine. I know coffee machines exist practically everywhere. But you have to look far and wide, long and hard to find a beautifully refurbished 1970s La Pavoni like this puppy – and trust me, I did.
  5. My climbing shoes. When I bought them I didn’t know if I would ever really get any use of them – seems as soon as I invest Gumboots and climbing shoesin equipment I either loose interest in the sport or injure myself in a way that I can no longer participate in it. But I still climb regularly! I’ll especially miss laying on my back under the climbing wall, staring up at my next climbing problem and having a little meditation moment.
  6. Books. All of my books. I love books, and still haven’t resorted to a Kindle. I have two bookcases to deal with before I go – including a single shelf with nothing but travel guide books (thirty one guidebooks!) Here is a shelfie, which says more about me than any selfie ever will. And yes, I arrange all my books by colour. I know.
  7. Earrings.  For better or worse, I have become identifiable by my Shelfiemassive collection of flashy earrings. But I have resolved to hit the road with only a couple pairs of reasonable studs. Without a doubt I will pick up more along the way.
  8. Camera lenses.  There are just too many to take with me, but I love them all. Macro lens, you will be especially missed.
  9. Spice cabinet & cookbooks.  I love to cook, and I know I will be giving up this daily enjoyment when I hit the road. As a slow traveler I will be able to ‘self-cater,’ as it is known, but this is decidedly different from having Cookbooksa fully equipped kitchen with recipe ideas and all the little extras that make food come to life.
  10. The shower. OK, it is a weird thing to miss. But at the end of every long trip I come home, drop my bag and go straight for the shower. There is nothing like unlimited warm water, a shelf fully loaded with shampoo, conditioner and soap and the luxury of not needing to hurry up and get out for the next person (or, for that matter, wondering who’s hair is clogging up the drain).
  11. Funky, chunky, comfy socks. Lazy Sunday strikes again – these socks pair well with a cup of coffee and a good book (but not with any respectable adult clothing). You know what… a little luxury on the road can’t hurt – I’ll bring these along for homesick days – strike them from the list!Comfy socks

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