Ten things I won’t miss at all when traveling

A couple of weeks ago I posted a list outlining the items that I will miss when I’m on the road. But so far downsizing my life has also been pretty liberating and overall a positive move. For some balance, here is a list of ten things I won’t miss at all when I take flight!

  1. The 42″ plasma TV.  What a waste of space.  I should have traded this in for another bookshelf a long time ago.
  2. The cabinet of cleaning supplies.  Because when you travel you never have to mop, or clean out the bathtub drain!  (Though sometimes I guess I will wish the option was there…)
  3. The litter box.  I love you Wally, but I don’t love your poo.
  4. The winter tires for my car (and all that they stand for!). I have come to loath that time of year when I have to swap between summer and winter tires. Not only is it a royal pain in the ass to swap them out, it means Sweden has reached that dark, damp, hovering-around-freezing, miserable time of year when the snow hasn’t yet shown up,
    The fairy princess dress of disappointment and wasted closet space.
    The fairy princess dress of disappointment and wasted closet space.

    but the sun has packed up and gone on holiday.

  5. This dress.  Even though it never reached its full potential as a Halloween costume I will still be glad to be rid of it.  It was originally ordered as a bridesmaid’s dress, and marked the first and last time I would order a custom-made dress from China off Etsy.
  6. The weird noise that is perpetually emanating from the bathroom. I don’t know what it is, where it really comes from or why it is there. And I won’t miss it.
  7. Makeup.  I rarely wear more than my two or three make-up items. Lip balm counts as makeup… right? So, why do I own eight sticks of lipstick? It comes out about three times a year and even on those rare occasions I have usually licked it all off of my face by the time I get to whatever event I had put it on for.
  8. Cutlery.  High on my list of pet-peeves is washing cutlery. It is just so small, takes so much effort and once I’ve washed three dozen forks the pile next to the sink is not nearly as satisfying as if I had washed, say, two cereal bowls or a single soup pot. Cutlery: you’re not my problem any more.
  9. The kitchen table.  I inherited a table from a friend about four years ago, thinking I would replace it… soonish. Well, soonish never came, and that table is still there, with a giant candle burn mark in the middle and its accompanying three matching chairs. I don’t even use it except to toss the mail on when I get home.
  10. Junk mail. OK, no one likes junk mail, amIright? Well – when you don’t have an address you don’t get the piles of forest-obliterating adverts! Now, if only this could also be applied to email spam.

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