shirting . . . !

Fashion model is not high on my list of aspirations, but when my designer friend Ivan Rocco asked if I would participate in his latest social-media campaign called ‘shirting . . .’ I could hardly say no!

Ivan, along with eight other rising stars (including four designers from his store – SQUAT – in Ljubljana), all made shirts that they are sending on adventures around the world! And I had the honour of being the first wearer of his piece. For more information check out the SHIRTING . . . Facebook page.

It arrived for me at the artist colony in Grez-sur-Loing in mid-December, all tied up lovingly in brown paper and with a string tied around it. I will admit I carried the cute parcel around the house for a bit just for fun before retiring to my apartment to open it up and see what was inside.

When I opened it up I found this shirt, which I get to have for up to two weeks before passing it on to the next wearer. Weeeee!


Ivan Rocco Shirting 1

And part of the deal is that I need to take some photos of me wearing the shirt, so here ya go – a geeky biologist’s attempt at being fashionable, while on a weekend holiday to the Loire Valley:

At the Chateaux de Chaumont we saw tons of funky outdoor sculptures, but it was overcast and spitting rain, so we headed in to the winter gardens. I found some of my beloved tree ferns, and had a browse through the papyrus (a sedge used to make the first paper).

We also visited the Troglodyte caves in Turquant. These caves are still heavily used – some as homes, some as restaurants and many as a perfect environment for cultivating mushrooms for commercial sales. Did you know that if you’ve had mushrooms in Europe they very likely could have been grown in a cave that people once lived in? Now you know!

Troglodyte caves!  Closed for the winter season, but that doesn't mean it isn't still shirting season!

And finally back home in Grez, a day doesn’t go by that I don’t stumble down to the bottom of the back yard abutting the bridge. Here I often sip some coffee and watch the water swirl along, or have a little visit with my feathered friends. Also I relish any chance to get my gumboots on – I think they go well with the shirt, no?

Feeding the swans at the artist colony. Shirting & gumboots - a winning combo.

Anneleen took the photos, and it wasn’t the first time we had done a photo-shoot together. I do have to say that taking photos in the shirt does remind me a *little* of our earlier lab-jacket photo series in Jordan….

Lab jacket Jordan

Because Ivan is a total sweetheart he also sent me this fantastic blue linen shirt for my upcoming travels. It is so light and comfy, and dries fast – it is perfect to make even a grungy backpacker like myself look fashionable and put together!  Look at those asymmetric sleeves. Love it! I already wore this on my long-haul flight from Stockholm to Cambodia earlier this week, and after about 300 hours in the air I can say that I was still comfortable on arrival in the muggy heat of Phnom Penh.

Amazing blue travel shirt
I might look overly serious (probably because I was trying to figure out how my new camera works…) but I promise this shirt is pure joy! 

I think he could have a promising future as a travel fashion designer. However, judging by how popular his normal stuff is I don’t think he needs any more work. He is pretty sought-after on the international market it seem! You can check out an interview with Ivan for Glamour Magazine here.

And to finish it off – a little blogging & shirting love. Thanks Ivan!!

Shirting while blogging

And now Emma has been shirted – SHIRT ON!

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