Time for a Biorambler makeover! I’ve downgraded my site, and am going to try to find a way for it to be super-snazzy without paying $229 a year. Stay tuned, but in the meantime accept my sincere apologies for the absolute formatting mess.  Here’s a pretty view instead:Hike by Cable Bay

At the moment I’m holed up in Nelson, New Zealand working like mad on a biology text book that should be in the publisher’s hands by the end of the year.  But here is proof that I’m still alive and occasionally even get outside:

Kayaking Cable Bay

Where’s Allison?  Nelson, New Zealand. There are worse places to hunker down.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dave says:

    Looking forward to the comeback!


  2. Surfdog says:

    I found the link. http://one.me/enapskwx they give you free 8€ – super cheap but 15GB, a data base and domain and ssl – should do for most!
    enjoy NZ – I will look for a girl running in Pai!


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