Biorambler Bio

Why, hello there. I’m Allison Linnea: the biologist. Here is a little bit about who I am, and what has led me to become (said in a superhero-echoing voice) THE BIORAMBLER!!

I’m a 30 year old Seattleite, and I have spent most of my adult life: 1) As an ex-pat and 2) Within university walls. This was first as a student in Canada, then as a student, researcher and teacher in Sweden. I thrive on learning, but have discovered that I get even more energy from teaching than I do from being a student. I love to help others appreciate the nuanced natural world and how it ticks.

The glamourous life of a biologist: while on fieldwork in Kyrgyzstan we sometimes even had the luxury of toilets surrounded by walls!
The glamourous life of a biologist: while on fieldwork in Kyrgyzstan we sometimes even had the luxury of toilets surrounded by walls!

However, one can only spend so many hours indoors. I first rebelled against my collegiate captivity by lining up a number of courses, conferences and field excursions to places like Iceland, Ecuador, Madagascar and Kyrgyzstan. Amazingly, I was paid – well! – to travel the world and be a nerd! In the process I earned my PhD in biology. Yep, that’s right- I’m actually Dr. Biorambler!

According to my calendar, in 2012, I spent 97 days away from home. In 2013, I spent 115 days on the road. In 2014 I spent almost 150 days abroad for 2014, easily surpassing 2013’s tally.

In 2015 it was 365 days on the road, and not to be outdone I spent 366 days travelling in 2016 (leap year magic!). And I don’t know where “home” is anymore, but fear the number will inevitably drop in 2017, one way or another.

How have I done this? Am I independently wealthy? Do I sleep under bridges?  No, and not usually. I am a digital nomad. I work as an academic editor: a job that can be done from anywhere with an internet connection. In some countries my phone is my hotspot, other places it is cafes and sometimes I even have a desk at a co-working spot.

Unlike many people who very bravely quit or pause their careers and go travelling, I am far from a travel virgin. Before even setting out on my indefinite world tour I have already racked up visits to 35 countries. I’ve learned my worth in camels (three), have been food poisoned on four continents (S. America, Asia, Europe and Africa) and have perfected the South Indian head wobble.  Check out my Unbucket List for some of my other travel accomplishments.

Through this blog I hope to keep my friends & family updated while I whirl around the world. I will also share tips, tricks and stories from the road aimed at other travellers.

Want to get in contact with me?  Questions?  Comments?   Email me at allison (at), or find me on various social media: @biorambler

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