Shan state hill trekking (Part 2)

…this post is a continuation from Shan state hill trekking (Part 1)… Day Two: Thansant Village to Kaoncor, 25 km The next morning we woke with the sun, and I retraced my steps from the previous evening to find a spot a few kilometers back in the direction we had come from to watch the sun rise…

Shan state hill trekking (Part 1)

Our arrival in Hsipaw (pronounced: see-paw) felt vaguely reminiscent of Goldilocks’ arrival at the bears’ cabin.  But instead of different portions of porridge it was different treks ranging from the “retiree-grade” to “well you probably shouldn’t do this one since there is active fighting in the villages-grade”. Hsipaw is in Shan State, in north-eastern Myanmar….